Nino Martino Ski Slope

Nino Martino Ski Slope

The Nino Martino Ski Slope takes its name from the famous bandit who lived in the sixteenth century in the Aspromonte, "violent and cruel even if generous with the weaks".

The "Nino Martino" was inaugurated in January 2019 and it is a piste classified as red, that means of medium difficulty. About 1,6 kilometers long, it rises up between 1400 and 1825 meters. In addiction to freestyle skiing, it is also possible to practice long-distance skiing.

Located on the Scilla side of the Aspromonte Park, together with the other slopes of Gambarie, it represents a unique skiing system in the world for the spectacular landscape that it is possible to enjoy. From the mountain, characterized by significant slopes and vertical interruptions of valleys and ridges that wane towards the coast, it is possible to see the breathtaking view of the Strait of Messina. Immersed in the white of the snow, it is possible to ski with the eyes turned to the intense blue of the sea, with Stromboli on the one side and Etna on the other one, and on clearer days it is also possible to see Capo Peloro and the lakes of Ganzirri in the extreme tip of Sicily.

During the hot weather time, it is possible to walk down the Piste along some paths, being  fascinated by the lush green of the beech tree woods and the majesty of larch pine, which in the more mature specimens assumes an almost rosy color, and of majestic silver fir.

This is a territory located at the center of the Mediterranean, rich in biodiversity and characterized by a mountain habitat, which promotes the life of bulbiferous ferns, maculata orchids, where there is the presence of some animal species such as the peregrine falcon and the salamandra maculosa.

Walking along the “Nino Martino” ski slope, you will be surrounded by persistent smells and visions of the nearby Rumia lake with the Tyrrhenian Sea and the far end of Sicily in the background.

At 300 meters from the chairlift landing, you can admire the Nino Martino square, a particularly suggestive panoramic point from which you can enjoy an excellent view of the highest peak of the Aspromonte: Montalto.

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