It is found a magnificent specimen of silver fir in the area near to Piazza Nino Martino. 32 meters high, with a circumference of almost five meters, it is known for its particular majesty and charm that makes it to be included in the national monumental trees. It is so important not only because of its imposing size, but also because of its mighty branch that branches off from the main trunk, just at 50 centimetres from the ground to a circumference of 3,6 meters.

To get to admire it, you need to take a trail that leads from Località Quarti to Nardello. From Nino Martino square it twists and turns downhill through a forest of beech trees and fir trees, where other prominent specimens can be observed, even with multiple branches and small water springs such as the Acqua della Face. Going forward on the wide dirt track suitable for vehicles and overtaking the ski lift facility, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Strait and of Ganzirri. At the end of the track, a short hill leads you to the destination.

In this space 1593 meters high, where there are very few man-made sites and nature has run its undisturbed course for centuries, the monumental Fir represents a masterpiece of the mountain, but also a sign of respect of the man who did not dare to ruin this “great old man” over the years.

Throughout the Aspromonte are preserved trees of majestic beauty: such as oaks, beeches trees, elms, chestnuts, pines. These trees have also taken particular forms over time: real works of art of the nature, wrapped in a sacred aura that the inhabitants of the place have been able to understand and respect.

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